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About Us

Our mission is to reach students in a way that can't be found anywhere else.
My name is Aaliya Abhilash. As a junior, my biggest qualification to tutor other students is being a student myself. I've been tutoring throughout high school and enjoy the mutual knowledge and benefit gained from it. Just one year after I first took an ACT, I've gotten my score up to a 35. Similarly, I got 1580/1600 on my SAT. I want to share the tips, knowledge, and perseverance that got me there with anyone willing to learn. My goal is to make a difference one student at a time. With Hibiscus tutoring, we promise you'll get your dream scores and be in the competition for spots at top colleges.

Free ACT Prep Videos

Not all good things have to come at a cost! These ACT prep videos will contain all sorts of tips and tricks from Hibiscus tutors that have been found through taking the ACT until perfecting their scores.


The teaching is so effective.

Aaliya taught me more in an hour than I learned in a week at school! Her one on one time is amazing!